I offer assessment for adult ADHD (age 18+) as well as psychotherapy and behaviour strategies for management of ADHD in adults. I do not prescribe or provide special authority numbers for ADHD medication. This has to be done by a psychiatrist.

A standard assessment includes:


1. A two-hour assessment which includes a semi-structured clinical interview for ADHD, discussing other significant life history events, and current symptoms of other mental health problems.


2. Completion of a self-report questionnaire about current ADHD symptoms, and completion of an observer report form by someone who knows the person well. Screening tests for mental health issues are also performed depending on the issues present. These are all completed online.


3. A  review of symptoms present prior to age 12 by interviewing someone who knew the person as a child (such as a parent, caregiver, or sibling) and any available documentation such as school or other assessment reports. Evidence of childhood symptoms is a requirement for diagnosis.


4. A 50-minute feedback session.


Please note that for diagnosis there has to be evidence that the person had significant symptoms of ADHD in childhood and early adolescence. 


If there is evidence that ADHD is present a report will be provided to the person's GP who can then send this to the adult psychiatric public health system to a psychiatrist who can prescribe medication (free!). Other behavioural options for treatment can also be discussed. See the Common Problems section for more information about the symptoms and consequences of adult ADHD.


The base fee for this service is $1400 but may be higher if extra interviews or work is required, such as needing to perform additional assessment for co-occurring or complex mental health or social problems. The full fee is payable two weeks in advance of the first assessment appointment. Turnaround of a report is approximately one month from the assessment appointment.

If you are from outside the Canterbury DHB area please note that you will need a pathway for obtaining medication, which is the most effective evidence-based treatment for ADHD. This will most likely mean an additional appointment with a private psychiatrist. It most cases it would be better to find a psychiatrist directly and forego a psychologist assessment.