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I do not provide neuropsychological assessment of cognitive impairment or dementia. I believe the public system can adequately cater for dementia assessment, diagnosis and support. For those interested in pursuing this I would suggest talking to your (or the affected person's) GP, who can follow the Cognitive Impairment Pathway of the District Health Board's Health Pathways resource. GPs can refer on to the Older Persons Mental Health service for more complicated cases and guidance.


I do not offer capacity assessments (e.g. for determining whether a person has the cognitive ability to understand and make important decisions, or to initiate or activate an enduring power of attorney). In most cases these assessments are best completed by a medical practitioner (e.g. GP or psychiatrist).


I am not ACC registered so don't provide funded assessment or treatment.


I do not provide assessments for child or adolescent ADHD. I do not provide assessment for autistic spectrum disorder or other developmental disorders.

I cannot prescribe medications. This must be done by a GP or psychiatrist.


I do not offer opinions or assessments for driving safety of older drivers. Again the public system has a pathway for this (which includes some resources from the outcomes of my PhD research which was focused on the subject).

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