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I am a clinical psychologist working in South Christchurch. I see adult clients (aged 18 and over) in-person and by Zoom nationwide.

I provide individual psychotherapeutic treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, adjustment to life circumstances, relationship problems, sleep disorders, adult ADHD assessment, and therapy for adult ADHD. I have an interest in the impact of female sex hormones on ADHD symptoms across the lifespan.


I also have a good understanding of autism and neurodiversity in general, and approach this from a neurodiversity-affirming perspective. I use the evidence-based talking therapies of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).


I have availability for new therapy clients with appointments in 1-2 weeks times. Please email me. Past clients, both therapy and assessment, are welcome back any time. 

Adult ADHD assessment bookings for May-July are now Closed 

I do not keep a waiting or cancellation list. My next intake will be in mid-July for August, September, and October assessments. Bookings are advertised right here, usually by 8am on the day. I recommend you check my website a few times each morning from mid-July (I know this isn't easy).

Assessments cost $1800 which is due two weeks in advance of the assessment date (there is no charge for the screening phone call). Check
here for more details of what an assessment entails.

Please note that you MUST have evidence of several ADHD symptoms present prior to the age of 12, either evident in school reports, or by report of someone who knew you well as a child (usually a parent). Please check that you can provide this evidence (preferably by talking first to the person who would be the informant) before pursuing a booking.

You can email me for a list of psychologists and psychiatrists who advertise that they assess adult ADHD.      


Check out my blog:

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I am a registered clinical psychologist trained at the University of Canterbury, graduating in 2012. For nine years (2011-2020), I worked in a public health interdisciplinary team at the Older Persons Mental Health ServiceI have worked with people dealing with a full range of mental health problems, from outpatients to day clinic patients, to those very unwell in the inpatient ward. I have worked with people with chronic and recurring mental health problems and those experiencing their first episode of mental unwellness.

I also performed neuropsychological assessments, so I know a fair bit about how brain function is affected by a range of factors, both internal (e.g. neurodevelopmental differences and degenerative brain disease) and external (e.g. brain injury due to trauma or chemical exposure, including alcohol).
I do not offer neuropsychological assessment privately.

In private practice I work with people with a range of mental health, neurodevelopmental, and life problems issues. I can see people from all around the country via Zoom. You can see more of the kinds of problems I work with here.



I completed a PhD in psychology in 2011 and qualified as a registered clinical psychologist in 2012 at the University of Canterbury. My PhD focused on older adults determining driving ability, both in cognitively healthy older adults and those with cognitive impairment, including dementia. 

  • 2012 - Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PGDipClinPsyc)

  • 2011 - PhD in Psychology

  • 2007 - Bachelor of Arts Honors (first class) in Psychology

Member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists

Member of the Australasian ADHD Professionals Association


I live in Christchurch with my husband (also a clinical psychologist) and our two young children. I enjoy walking on the hill, listening to podcasts, reading, and sitting in silence in my small amounts of spare time.


I do not provide an emergency help service. For those in Canterbury, there is the Crisis Resolution service through the Canterbury District Health Board. The government-sponsored Need to Talk service is accessed by free call or text 1737 or 0800 1737 1737.

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